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Midnight Mass, St Brendan, Corby, Christmas Day 2016
Photo: Jeremy Boot

The Diocese of Nottingham and the County of Northamptonshire
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The Latin Mass Society, founded in 1965, is an association of Catholic faithful dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Latin Mass as one of the legitimate forms of the Church's liturgy. Whilst it is composed predominantly of lay members drawn from every age group and walk of life, it also includes a number of priests who wish to minister to all who request access to the sacramental rites of the Church in what Pope Benedict XVI has recognised as an "Extraordinary Form" of the Roman Rite.
High Mass, St Peter's, Leicester
29th June 2016
Photo: Jeremy Boot
This site provides information about traditional liturgies being celebrated, by clergy in full communion with the Holy See, in the counties of the East Midlands.  Whilst some of the events listed are specially arranged by the Society, most are parish events which the Society is pleased to publicise. 
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Please Join Us!
High Mass, St Patrick, Nottingham 19th June 2016
Photo: Jeremy Boot 
The Latin Mass Society is the only lay organisation in England and Wales seeking to promote the more frequent celebration of the traditional liturgy of the Catholic Church.  Pope Benedict XVI made plain that the old rite “must be given due honour for its venerable and ancient usage”.   The Society works to ensure that this is so.  If you are not already a  member, please consider joining us.

 What do I get out of it?
You get a copy of our quarterly magazine, Mass of Ages, and information about Masses and other liturgies being celebrated locally.  But let’s be honest, you can buy the magazine if you want without joining, and local events are advertised here.    So what’s the point?
What do we all get out of it?
The point is, we need members to help us for two important reasons:
· The more members we have, the stronger the message we send that the Catholics of England and Wales want the traditional liturgy restored to the altars of our churches.  
· We undertake a lot of work, and plan to do more, to promote the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass both at national and local level.  Some of the ways in which we spend our money are listed here     Your subscription helps to fund this work and ensure that the old rite is celebrated more and more frequently.
Singing the Traditional Liturgy
Midnight Mass, St Brendan, Corby, Christmas Day 2016
 Photo: Jeremy Boot
In Leicestershire, a small choir sings the traditional chant and polyphony of the Church roughly once a month at churches in central Leicester.
In Nottinghamshire, an all-male choir sings at Sunday masses roughly once a month.
In Northamptonshire, Masses are occasionally sung at Corby and other churches in the county. 
If you have some musical experience (not necessarily in these forms) and would like to join us or simply find out more, please contact your local representative.
More information about the Chant can be found at
Serving the Traditional Liturgy
Server Training, Leicester, Feb 2014 (photo John Aron)
If you are interested in learning how to serve the traditional Mass, please speak to one of our regular celebrants or get in touch with your local representative.   The Latin Mass Society recently launched the Society of St Tarcisius, a sodality for altar servers interested in the traditional rite of Mass, which provides training for those wishing to learn.   Its website can be found at
I hope you will feel able to join the Society.  Whether you do or not, please pray for the success of the Society’s work.

Solemn Requiem Mass for King Richard III, Holy Cross Priory, Leicester,
21st August 2015 (Photo: Jeremy Boot)
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